DHCP not working after fixed IP

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My kiwiSDR was at home, fixed on my network, for its configuration process.

Before moving to its definitive location, I have set it to DHCP, saved, unplugged the animal.

BUT it has taken 1 hour to find on the new receiving site that despite the DHCP well set on the kiwi, if was still stuck to, never asking for a new IP.



  • Why don't you try Static IP on Kiwi and to setup the exclusion for the 8073 port on router for given internal IP?

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    It's what I have finally done. But it's not a solution... I had to reconfigure the router to include a "fixed addresses" range and it's not my router.

    For me there is clearly a bug in the kiwi on this topic.

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    At the new location what was the range of DHCP addresses being assigned? Did it include the address your Kiwi had previously been assigned on your home network? I'm not understanding what the problem is.

  • >Did it include the address your Kiwi had previously been assigned on your home network?

    When moved from my network (192.168.1.*) with a fixed address to another one (192.168.0.*) in DHCP, the kiwi does not claim a new address despite a good configuration in the admin page.
  • Ah, okay I understand now. We've had some issues with this before. It has to do with the confirmation button you need to push in the UI when switching between static/DHCP mode. I added a confirmation button so that casual toggling of the static/DHCP button didn't leave your Kiwi in an unintended state.

    To see what's really happened you should look at the underlying Linux file that the admin interface changes. Login to the Beagle and look at the /etc/network/interfaces file. The entry for "eth0" will say if the Ethernet is configured with a static address or will use DHCP, e.g.

    auto eth0

    iface eth0 inet dhcp

    We will test this again. But if this file was changed properly (e.g. from static to DHCP) there is essentially no way Linux would continue to use the previous static address after a reboot.

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