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Power issue

My kiwisdr suffered some damage to the part immediately after the power supply plug (I am assuming it is a filter for the power to the board?) Is this something that is fixable? I had previously soldered it crudely but it got disconnected



  • @jks Pitty don’t get it loose, i can power it luckely through the mini-usb without problems at the moment. Hope don’t destroy eventually the Kiwi.

  • jksjks
    edited February 13

    If the CMC is burned out (open) it shouldn't be a problem if you are successfully powering from somewhere else. Just as long as it doesn't short to ground somehow.

    You're using a BeagleBone Green, right? If so I'm just amazed that you're able to power via the BBG's mini-USB. That input is supposed to be current limited to 500 mA by the BBG power management IC. Which is way too low for the Kiwi + Beagle combination. Very strange..

  • @jks yes i have the the BeagleBone Green I find it also strange, but i left it on for more then 12 hours and no problems. Many thanks for helping, i trie in the coming days again to open the cmc, if it stil fails then i thinking about bying the Kiwi 2.

  • Well, if it works, it works!

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