"No distress messages are currently decoded."

I have been neglecting my KiwiSDR lately but finally dug in a bit - there are so many great new enhancements! I noticed the NAVTEX decoder now supports DSC and Selcall HF. But when I try DSC, I get this:

No distress messages are currently decoded. See the KiwiSDR forum for details.

What's that about? I tried searching Google for "site:forum.kiwisdr.com DSC distress" and got no hits.


  • jksjks
    edited June 2022

    The DSC thread has talked about that issue.

    Most DSC decoders just print the message info in a tabular form without much validation or interpretation. I wanted to really understand the spec (which is terribly written) and produce more refined output for each of the message types and variations. Since I have no way of testing my code against known-good distress message content it seemed prudent to leave it out. More importantly, I don't want the liability associated with producing distress messages since I have no control over how they might be used. Better to leave them out and say so up front.

  • Thanks! I do hope that maybe in the future you'll reconsider decoding those messages, though - they could be some of the most interesting. I do understand the concern about liability, but it seems you'd be several steps removed from anyone doing anything reckless and a strong disclaimer like the one you've already got should go a long way in helping you to avoid liability.

  • DSC seems interesting, and I support the idea to have distress messages decoded to, please.


    Henrik, OZ6F

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