Version number 1.524-529 [DSC addition to NAVTEX extension]


According to GitHub, the newest version is 1.523.

My KiwiSDR was updated to 1.526 2 hours ago ?

Any info?

Best regards

Bjarne - OZ1AEF


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    Development. Nothing ready to announce yet.

    Instead of doing a whole bunch of speculative recording on public Kiwis all over the world, it was much easier to add some development code into an unannounced release so I could just try it directly.

    The ITU spec I have for the new signal is terrible. So I need to see a whole bunch of real signal transactions to understand more completely how it works.

    If you poke around a little bit you can figure out what's up. Something new for us to play with for the coming Monkeypox lockdown! lol

  • :-)

    You are allowed to play with my system, write a note, if you need SSH access

    Thanks for info

  • I think I have found it :-)

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    [DSC decoder]

    The DSC decoder in the NAVTEX/DSC extension works quite well. A cursory check against YADD (Yet Another DSC Decoder) running off the Kiwi audio shows the number of completed message decodes almost equal with a slight advantage to the Kiwi extension.



    Edit_1 : When compared with Multipsk, its DSC decoder catches a few more transmissions (perhaps 5pct) and i noticed this occurs mainly when DSC msgs are received in rapid succession.

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    clicking on the link in a decoded msg gives a lot of interesting info

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    [DSC decoder]

    Just as a note: like some other extensions e.g. HFDL, the DSC extension only decodes correctly if tuned to the DSC center frequency, which should be taken care of if the GPS produces fixes. Without GPS a manual frequency correction may be needed, on my Kiwi about 110 Hz in the 16 MHz band.

  • Now the latest revision is 1.527. The problem seems to be that the CHANGE_LOG is not being updated...?

    73, Doug WW6D

  • see John's note of May 22 above

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    v1.529 has a reasonably working version of the DSC decoder addition to the NAVTEX extension.

    WARNING: Because DSC is primarily a life-safety application you are reminded that this implementation is to be used for hobby radio monitoring only. Do not use it in place of any primary, certified DSC equipment. Distress messages are not currently decoded and displayed. We accept no liability for your improper use of the Kiwi's DSC capability.

    Instead, have some fun watching ship and shore stations exchange test messages and the occasional SSB/FSK call request. It's also a great way of comparing the relative sensitivity of public Kiwis and propagation conditions. And a nice addition to HFDL aircraft monitoring and similar VHF-based AIS/ACARS systems.

    If you see a decode message containing DECODE 4.N in a magenta color please take a screenshot and post it here or email to It represents a DSC message that we are not decoding correctly. Thank you.

  • Hi John,

    Noticed just a single case of a 4.N message over a 3hr period.

    73 Ben

  • Just one 4.N message today

  • what do the 1PE 2PE etc mean?

  • jksjks
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    Parity error. And FEC is forward error correction of course.

    EOS is "end of sequence", a DSC term.

  • Re: DECODE 4.N messages. Thanks for the reports. I think v1.530 should fix these particular two cases.

  • This is running V1.530


  • @VK7JH Thanks Jim. That packet is out-of-spec, but also not unreasonable. It's US Coast Guard Honolulu sending a safety test to itself. Normally tests like that go between two separate entities (i.e. a ship and coast station or between two ships). I'll add code to handle the case.

  • Hi John,

    Does the decoder provide any Signal to Noise / BER / Quality / signal level information ?

    I think that would be useful if it could be made available.



  • Quite pleased with this one I received in the UK today.

    14:37:21Z 12577.00 SAFETY Test, 003160023[Coast Station: Canada, Iqaluit] => 003160023[Coast Station: Canada, Iqaluit]
    14:37:32Z 12577.00 SAFETY Test ack, 003160023[Coast Station: Canada, Iqaluit] => 003160023[Coast Station: Canada, Iqaluit]
  • Just realized we're now at v1.535 - this is a dizzying pace of updates, and impresses me to see so much ongoing development work....often for extra features I wasn't even aware of, like DSC.

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    I find that after 1.535 came online, I can't access the user or admin webpages on either of my 2 systems. I can ssh in and see kiwid etc running though

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    Update: my 8073 box came back. Looking harder at the 8075 now. In both user and admin pages they load but no content.

    Update: 8075 came back too

    My guess is that I peaked at just the wrong moments of the upgrade process that even on my BBAI systems, takes a bit of time

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    v1.535 should have been okay. v1.534 had a disastrous problem due to a failure by the external service we use to compress javascript files (I didn't check it because the changes were so trivial I never expected there to be a problem -- famous last words!)

    There were only 16 public Kiwis I saw that were effected by this. They should fix themselves later today when they update to 535 or when the owner restarts.

    I don't understand how you ended up running a version of 535 with the bad files from 534. That shouldn't have been possible. And the fact that it fixed itself means that it must have really been 534, and the 535 update fixed it. But who knows..

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    2 of my 4 are broken.... loads but no content. Not at home so will wait and trust they'll come back... and 8175.

    update - came back on line overnight.

  • This is really great. Thanks for this added capability. Jim, thanks also for pointing out those active links. Some folks really live large!

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