DX tags and filter

Hi John,

I'm currently using the DX tag filter to look for signals on certain frequencies.

For example I'm currently observing the 4-6MHz spectrum for new or 'unusual' activity associated with recent events.

It got me thinking...

I wondered if it would be possible to somehow 'highlight' the DX tag(s) marking an 'active' frequency, where a signal is detected within the passband defined in the DX tag ?

This would make it much easier to spot when one of the tagged frequencies has come into use.

Likewise (and I know I mentioned this before) it would be really handy to be able to setup a 'scan' list, like the ALE extension, in order to be able to 'scan' a defined set of frequencies, and either stop or pause for a defined period, whilst a signal is present (defined by the squelch setting) or to record and save an active frequency before resuming the scan.




  • Hi Martin,

    About a scan list and recording did you try Christoph's kiwirecorder.py scan option addition? It does most of what you are looking for.

    73 Ben

  • Hi Ben,

    Yes I was aware of it, as I just mentioned in another post.

    But it would be nice to have in integrated into the KiWi so that you only need a device with browser to run it. It also avoids having to swap between different applications when a signal pops up.

    However I will set aside some time to better understand the KiWi suite in general.



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