Conflict between editing labels and polling /users

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  • Not sure if this is a related issue.

    Today I tried to edit a DX tag on my remote KiWi and got a red splash screen message that I hadn't seen before, stating "Must close all admin connections before attempting this operation."

    This turned out to be due to the site admin regularly connecting to my KiWi from a local IP in order to poll and gather /users information.

    I'm perfectly happy with this, but it does stop me from being able to remotely edit or add any DX tags.

    Is this a new feature or something else ?



  • Code was added to help prevent the label and configuration files being corrupted (or losing changes) due to the "multiple writer" problem. Changes from a user connection that require admin privileges (label edit, freq cal, freq offset, IQ cal) now require that there be no open admin connections that might cause conflicting writes.

    /users access obviously never does any writes, and so I shouldn't be excluding that. Will fix..

  • jksjks
    edited March 2022

    Okay, I was a little confused by this until I did some testing. Polling /users (i.e. curl my_kiwi:8073/users), or /status for that matter, will not cause this problem. Only the presence of an open admin connection at the time editing labels from a user connection is attempted.

    Do you really have a polling function that makes repeated /admin connections? If so, does it only look at the status tab?

  • Hi John,

    I didn't implement the /users polling, so I don't know how it is being used.

    I'll try and find out from the site admin and report back.

    Thanks for looking at this.



  • Was there ever any more info about the exact failure mode here?

  • Hi John,

    We didn't prove it 100%, but it is likely that an admin connection had been inadvertently left open by the site admin.

    There are 8 Kiwi's on the same site, plus a lot of other remotely operated kit, so it's quite easy to become confused about what you were connected to and why.



  • edited March 2022

    I have 4, sometimes 5 at my location running. I brought some order to things by assigning the LAN IP and port as such: ..... etc.

  • Hi Jim,

    I think that is how it is already organised, but it's not my site or network, and there is a LOT of radio kit and automation in operation.

    I'm just a lucky tenant who gets to share the infrastructure :-)



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