Is there a way to change the freq of an autorun WSPR instance?

Thanks! Any help appreciated.


  • I don't believe so...

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    the frequency is contained within the kiwi.json file. An adventuresome approach might be to cron a script that swaps that file and then restart the server

  • Thank you for the reply. Given my lack of linux skills, I'll conclude that this is probably for me at least, a hard "no". :-)

    A somewhat related question, given that 22M WSPR transmissions wander around a good bit, is it possible that the WSPR plug in will decode any significantly strong WSPR signal within the passband? (ie, can I adjust the passband out and expect any decodes?)

    I'm aware of the limitations of the existing WSPR plugins, but I do get quite a few 10M decodes with it.

    Thanks again!


  • If I was sure of the right OS level command to restart the server I'd help you more on this. Perhaps John (jks) will weigh in.

  • Rather than restarting the server, maybe John can advise on how to perform the "autorun restart" command from the an OS shell

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