Noise Filter

Can someone point me in the direction where I can find instructions on how to configure the Noise Filter? I've played around with the settings quite a bit and have come up with nothing useful. I did a few Google searchs and found nothing there.

Basically, all I want to do is kill off the harshness of the static. Something that will make speech easy to hear. Kind of just taking the edge off of it.


  • What mode?

    I'm not aware of a good guide but try this

    If you a have a local Kiwi, or not busy public one, open two connections at the same time (in two browser tabs) and with headphones using the "Audio tab" - "Pan" move one audio left, one right so that you have the same tuned signal and mode in each ear.

    The from the Audio tab select "WDSP" - "More" - "Denoiser" on one channel, "Spec" - "More" - on the other, reduce the "Active SNR:" to something that suits the signal level.

    Compare results.

    There might be a slight echo affect as the two channels are out of sync but it should give fast comparative results.

  • Thanks for the reply! I will try that.

    What I want to also find out is what is wdsp, LMS, spec, etc. What do they mean and what do the various sub-settings mean/do? I'd like to learn what they are now how changing the setting effect the audio either by reading or doing I guess.

    I assume that if (when) I totally screw up my audio, I can deleted the cookies are be set back to factory settings?

    Thanks again!

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