rx.kiwisdr.com now has a search field

For what it's worth, rx.kiwisdr.com (aka kiwisdr.com/public) now has a search field where you can search/filter entries from the list.
Same thing as sdr.hu has (and the last reason I was using sdr.hu). Matches are case-insensitive. Clear the search field to restore all entries.

Good for things like searching for Kiwi's on a particular release ("v1.389") or with a particular feature ("drm", "20 kHz", "gps") or location.


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    For some reason, the receiver is not visible on this list, even though it says in the admin interface

    kiwisdr.com registration status:kiwisdr.com/public registration: successful

    What to do in this case?
  • I need information to identify this Kiwi, like URL, ip address, admin email etc. Then I can check registration information on server and see why it's not listed. Email to support@kiwisdr.com if you don't want to reply with that info here.
  • Sorry for not immediately guessing to write
  • So this Kiwi is sending registration information to kiwisdr.com correctly. But then queries from kiwisdr.com to "http://ua3ahm.ddns.net:8073/status" to check if the Kiwi is active fail with "connection refused". The same happens using your public ip address instead of the domain name.

    Has port 8073 been opened on your router and directed to the Kiwi so that incoming connections from the Internet will be received by the Kiwi? Is your Internet provider a cellphone company, or other, that might be blocking incoming connections? If the later we might have to use the Kiwi proxy service to bypass the blocking.
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    Thank you, I have not been forwarded 8073, but only 80 to 8073
    Now http://ua3ahm.ddns.net:8073/status available.
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    It is listed now. It takes time as registration refresh interval is 15 minutes.

    p.s. Nice antenna, WOW! <3 It has great VLF/LF reception too. It is hearing NWC Australia, 19.8 kHz which is pretty astonishing.
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    You can now say "rx.kiwisdr.com?s=search-term" (alternatively "search=...") (also "kiwisdr.com/public?s=..."). This is nice when you want a search term to be reapplied across browser refreshes. For example I now use it to watch if Kiwis are correctly updating to a new software release: rx.kiwisdr.com?s=v1.390 followed by periodic refreshes.
  • An improvement by request of the CATsync project:

    There is now a checkbox that says "open in a new tab" i.e. for when a link to a Kiwi is clicked. The checkbox value is saved in a cookie and restored on your next visit. It defaults to "checked/yes" and can also be overridden to "unchecked/no" by including the URL parameter "notab".
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