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v1.387, 388, 389

From the CHANGE_LOG file:
v1.387  April 10, 2020
    Admin page control tab:
        By special request, added ability to limit number of simultaneous non-Kiwi API connections
            (e.g. kiwirecorder). This works in the same way (and overrides) the TDoA extension
            setting that limits the number of simultaneous TDoA connections.
    DX label edit:
        Passband frequencies can be entered using "k" and "M" suffixes for kHz and MHz.
        I.e. "2100" and "2.1k" are equivalent, as are "1200000", "1200k" and "1.2M".
        However subsequent display of the passband field is always in Hz.
        So after entering "-2.1k, 1.2M" on the next edit the field will display "-2100, 1200000" (Hz).


  • From the CHANGE_LOG file:
    v1.388  April 11, 2020
        Desktop UI improvements:
            Added "tuning lock" to right-click popup menu. When active a single-click in waterfall
            or DX label area will briefly show a "tuning locked" overlay. Should perhaps be extended
            to include clicks in tuning scale. Does not effect other methods of tuning, e.g. entry in
            frequency box, click on +/- step buttons.
        Mobile UI improvements:
            Double-tap/touch brings up popup menu (same menu as right-click on desktop).
            Has tuning lock function same as desktop.
            Two finger pinch-in/out gesture will zoom the waterfall in/out. Tested on iOS & Android.
  • From the CHANGE_LOG file:
    v1.389  April 12, 2020
        Added to popup menu: "edit last selected DX label". This means you can now edit DX labels
        on mobile devices.
  • edited April 2020
    running v1.389 but don't get any indication of tuning lock on DT right-click, yet I do see some locking.

    Solved: needed to refresh browser (yet locking occured beforehand) to get proper pop-up
  • I'm a little surprised by that as, for a long time now, the server checks the version number of the javascript running on the browser to make sure the two are not out-of-sync. But on the other hand, we have so many odd issues with browsers these days.
  • Suggestions welcome for other operations that should be included in the popup menu that would benefit mobile users.
  • The tuning lock feature is very handy, I often like to scroll around the waterfall while continuing to listen to a station, and this helps prevent me from accidentally re-tuning. Thanks!
  • When I was using Android for QRM tracing and test, the things I wanted were:
    1. Frequency lock
    2. Quick way to set the waterfall to consitent levels
    3. A few spot frequencies

    Lock is excellent thanks.

    The other features could be covered by a few URL local shortcuts (in the admin interface I can append commands - waterfall levels, enable spectrum, disable DX-Labels etc.)
    That is admittedly a narrow use case and having shortcuts in the locked screen require it to change frequency so maybe a "confirm" option.
    I suppose the locked and unlocked "double tap" pop-up could contain slightly different things.

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