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My Airband

Also in Russia.

Please add a wideband FM.
I want to publish FM broadcasts.


  • I don't think it is possible with the kiwiSDR without redesigning the whole receiver, is it? The stock kiwiSDR has 12 kHz information bandwidth, the 3 rx version can do 20 kHz in each channel. If you want true wideband FM, you need an information bandwidth on the order of 200 kHz. As far as I know, this simply is not available.
  • That's right.
    Wide FM gives up.
  • I think your best option is to use Openwebrx running on a Raspberry Pi with something like an Airspy or SDR Play.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • jksjks
    edited December 2019
    The Kiwi was designed to be a shortwave receiver. Wideband FM is not part of that design.

    The only way to possibly do it is to add a WBFM demodulator to the FPGA so that only audio is being moved across the serial interface to the Beagle. But that also means adding passband filtering to the FPGA. And for the RX4WF4 configuration at least there is no room on the FPGA for that.
  • That is sooo cool. (The russian setup) as its exactly what I was trying to do before my converter died on the first weekend. Only difference is I can pick up literally 100 different channels being used at any one time in this area.
  • JP1ODJ, nice!
    What hardware are you using to do this?
  • WOW! Fantastic!

    I have been wondering if I could use something like this MixNV, to downconvert and send the airband to the KiwiSDR.

    I think it may work...

    Also, thanks for the GREAT diagram of your hardware setup. Makes perfect sense (and I wish I had the Leader LG3236)!
  • Damn .. thats nice. The area I'm in has so much air traffic and so many channels I can pick up I'd literally have 100 bookmarks on the page. An aviation enthusiasts dream. I was picking up aircraft 250nm away. Damn converter died on the first weekend, sent it back for repair they said it was fixed .. nope. I gave up. Tested everything. I need to find a reliable downconverter.

    That LG3236 is a signal generator right? So it can take signals and up/downconvert whatever you want on the fly?
  • There is no problem if you have BPF, LNA, Mixer and SG.
  • edited May 2021
    That's a fine setup! Without the signal gen, a TCXO - derived osc should work well. We should see more VHF / UHF / Microwave conversions out there.

    I sure enjoy listening to Tokyo Control on your SDR. I've flown in and out of Osaka and Narita many times and have a high regard for the professional ATC people.

    I created a video of a fun listening session on your KiwiSDR and the one near Moscow:

    There was some intermod from two mediumwave stations, probably getting into your LNA. That doesn't seem to be serious, and a bit of RFI suppression should fix it. That server is sensitive, tunes accurately, and has the nice sync detector for listening to ATIS dx... Maybe even VOR/LOC dx, but I have not tried that.

    Edited 4/2021: Link and comments about video.
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