Cannot access kiwi but some slots are free??

I've had this problem before but it seemed to be fixed for a while. Sometimes I can't access my kiwi (apart from via admin) because it says all 4 available slots are used.
However, when I check via admin they aren't all being used. I've tried refreshing the browser or changing browser and waiting a while but in the short term the only way is to kick someone else off.
Sure enough, when I join there are still spare slots left!


  • Wasn't that related to some distant user who was tying up the connections with broken code? (the reason JKS gave the admin capability to block IP's).
    I'd look at the connections, see if any look ripe for blocking and block the most likely range.

    Some routers allow you to see "connections" so if it is not registering on the Kiwi log you may be able to see "too short to register" connections there.
  • I'm beginning to wonder if it's an unfortunate side effect of using a VPN??
    Problem went away after switching VPN off...
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    OK bit difficult to say (guess) how that could happen without knowing where the VPN is in the path.
    Is it a static-IP vpn, not one that could change public endpoint?
  • No, not static
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