switching mode converter <> no converter with antenna selection

Can we imagine switching from HF mode to converter mode simply by changing the antenna, because converter is an antenna for the kiwi, just frequency display is different.
73' Ren? f6bir


  • It sounds like a modification to the antenna switch extension that passes an offset into the kiwi proper. I bet it can be done, don't know how hard to implement.
  • jksjks
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    So people need to think about the wider implications of a suggestion like this (we've had a similar discussion before).

    Assume this has been implemented. When you have a Kiwi that has multiple connections, either because it is public or because it has private access by a group of individuals, what should happen to everyone else connected besides yourself when you change from an HF antenna to a V/UHF one?
  • That's an extension of the problem with publicly available antenna switching. I'm not sure what is desired and I bet there's more than one answer. I guess the generic answer is let the user configure his/her own channel but with a single ADC that isn't possible. It's a characteristic of the hardware. Only safe answer may be to leave it to the discretion of the admin.
  • Hello
    Thank you for answer, the need was only for a local administrator use, to use it like a hard multi-band receiver without web connection , I understood it is a problem for public access connection, that was just an idea
    Thank a lot.
    73' F6BIR
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