Cant find Kiwi (No I.P assigned)

Hello fellow Kiwi lovers

Just installed a kiwisdr at our local club station, the kiwi fires up nicely but im not sure if its getting its I.P.
A few flashing LED's at start and then they flash constantly from left to right-right to left....till the kiwi decides to shut down.

I have tried "kiwisdr.local:8073/admin" and "KiwiSDR auto-discovery scanner v1.5" also other examples (itunes bonjour .....etc) on the quickstart quide with no joy.

Green LED flashs when the ethernet is connected and yellow LED is constant. All seemS OK even changed the ethernet cable 3 times.

what am i doing wrong?

Thank you


  • Take the sd card out that you have incorrectly installed (please read the instructions that came with the Kiwi).
  • Hello jks,

    yes removed it and now its nice and flasahy no shut down. However, still cant get to the admin page and did the auto discovery scan too no kiwi's found

  • If the Kiwi has a path to the Internet then in your browser try visiting the site: and see if you are redirected to the Kiwi.
  • jksjks
    edited October 2019
    Almost forgot: You should wait probably 30 minutes before trying to connect to the Kiwi the very first time. A new Kiwi (or one restored to the factory software image by using the sd card) has to go through a huge software update process that involves dozens of packages (a brand new compiler etc.) During this time the Kiwi software may be really slow to respond or may not respond at all. More info here:
  • ok after a few clicks "" worked
    and yes i figured it had to do some updating

    (this is why you should never be talking on the phone when your installing a kiwi)

    the "kiwisdr.local:8073/admin" does not work, it has to be (
    KiwiSDR auto-discovery scanner can't find the kiwi still works

    gong to start config now see how it goes
  • jksjks
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    We mention in our documentation that the "kiwisdr.local" (mDNS) stuff doesn't always work on Windows (especially Windows 10). And that the auto-discovery scanner doesn't always work due to limitations in the various browsers. That's why we list 6 different methods of finding the ip address, none of which are optimal (although is great when it works). Including deciphering the cryptic LED pattern that is continuously displaying the ip address:
  • jks,
    so i've setup and configured everything plus the API key and set the proxy name and emailed support.
  • Thanx for the help jks
  • Reception looks good. Very happy to have another KiwiSDR located in the Middle East.
  • yes, better than my kiwi at home, we have also spread the word to other clubs in the region hopefuly someone will catch the bug and install more kiwi's :)
    again thanx for your help and patients jks
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