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Prior to the arrival of my new KiwiSDR I am compiling a dx.json for my HF aeronautical stations and taking a look at some of the entries in existing dx.json files in the repository of WA2ZKD I see some numerics such as those in this entry:


What does 363064,0 mean or indicate?

Also I have determined that the colours are:


But what of DG and NoN? And are there any others?

Palmerston North, New Zealand


  • jksjks
    edited May 2019
    The two numbers at the end are part of some work that I never finished. Just set them to zero for new entries you make.

    The label "type" field just controls the label color as you've noted. They are assigned particular meanings but you can reuse them for any other purpose.
    (none)  cyan      active, station has been heard on this Kiwi
    WL	red       watchlist, station that has not been heard on this Kiwi
    SB	green     sub-band, e.g. WSPR
    DG	lavender  DGPS signals in the LW band
    NoN	violet    not currently used
    XX	violet    interference
    There are some other fields. "lo" and "hi" set a custom passband. "p" starts an extension (with parameters) when the associated label is clicked. "o" is a carrier offset used for NDB signals to show where the NDB carrier is located (by showing a small yellow triangle when the label is moused-over)
  • Aah, that's great John, thank you.
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