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  • All KiwiSDR connection attempts appear legit in the recent user.log. Hopefully it stays that way. Ron - KA7U
  • Not good enough to demodulate, but neat to get it this good. Ron - KA7U http://forum.kiwisdr.com/uploads/578/KA02OTP3ENUL.png
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U April 2021
  • @ChrisSmolinski I think for a user, the most current SNR would be helpful in choosing a receiver for a particular region, especially if it showed up in the "mouse hover info window" on the http://rx.linkfanel.net/ map. The immediate value …
  • This website will load the URL and display it in an easy to read format. https://jsonbeautifier.org/ . It looks like the time zone is the KiwiSDR local time zone? If that is the case, then the user of this data will need to consider the time differ…
  • A blank DRM carrier from: 3205 KHz, KCBS, Pyongyang DRM (Digital), DPRK (North Korea). Receiver location Grid Square DN14lf near Weiser, Idaho, receiver KiwiSDR, Antenna 210' top dipole, Date March, 20, 2021. http://forum.kiwisdr.com/uploads/148/GG…
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U March 2021
  • 11.830 MHz, Radio Purga, mode: DRM (digital radio mondiale), antenna: 1 meter x 25 mm copper active loop antenna, receiver: KiwiSDR, location: Grid DN14lf near Weiser, ID, USA, March 18, 2021. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zu8d1detjdm0kk/vokoscreen-20…
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U March 2021
  • Was watching a new signal on 29.4 and it suddenly went off. I selected the 160 button to help clarify the signal in the display, that changed the mode to AM. So not sure what goes on with those buttons to the right of clear. Actually not certain abo…
  • The search box in the blue title bar will find lots on the topic. Try wifi kiwisdr in that search. This post might be quite useful to you: http://forum.kiwisdr.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/9270#Comment_9270 Wifi isn't supported, but with dete…
  • Glenn, I checked on it and it is faint but visible on the waterfall here at ka7u. A serious broadband noise consisting of spurs showed up about 5 minutes ago and I have no idea where that came from either. First time I've seen it here. We are having…
  • The white bar in the S-meter is a very nice addition to keep track of the AGC setting. I really like that as it is a great reminder of where the AGC is set. It doesn't zero out when AGC is off and Manual is being used. Not a big deal, but worth the …
  • http://carbonstone.blogspot.com/2014/02/connecting-to-pi-from-laptops-ethernet.html I think you will find a solution in this method. There are other ways, but this is probably the easiest. Ron KA7U
  • Two of my KiwiSDR units lost the fans finally. So I took them out, blew out the bugs, and put them back together without the fans. Set the two units on edge, with one end elevated 1 1/2" by using a book for a shim. Both of them ran fanless thro…
  • Brazil experimenting with DRM. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mgeujw456snydr1/vokoscreen-2020-12-03_17-09-03.mkv?dl=0 Ron - KA7U
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U December 2020
  • A new DRM frequency. Don't know if it is Cuba, but suspect it is based on frequency and signal splatter, along with the low audio. Oh, be nice, anyway, it is playing nice Latin music. Short clip here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cxi5q2ksgrx83t/vokos…
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U November 2020
  • I was trying to pick out Pacific Rim MW Broadcasts this morning. I could readily see the carriers on 9 KHz intervals, but the local US stations on 10 KHz intervals overwhelmed the DX audio on all but a couple. So this new extension and nulling techn…
  • I have 3 KiwiSDR units that have run here for a few years. Start up problems have either come from a power supply starting after a shutdown and the voltage not staying above 5 v at the instant the KiwiSDR tries to start, or the voltage drop in the s…
  • Radio Purga DRM on 11830 KHz @ 01:10 UTC, 11/20/2020. http://forum.kiwisdr.com/uploads/294/O00B33ET47AB.png Ron - KA7U
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U November 2020
  • Never know when Radio Purga will come on, or which frequency. It always seems to play the same recorded music. Ron KA7U https://www.dropbox.com/s/bi6mao9n0e2d9un/vokoscreen-2020-11-05_20-09-15.mkv?dl=0
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U November 2020
  • Check the following screen shot. Once you have that URL from the little green arrow, just create a bookmark in your browser, using that URL. Ron KA7U (Image)
  • Radio Purga on 12025.0 KHz DRM 23:34 UTC October 29, 2020, decoded on both loops and the dipole. (Image) Ron KA7U
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U October 2020
  • Colin99 Feel free to donate here: http://ka7u.no-ip.org:8074 Search for how to create a PayPal payment button. Insert your text message at the beginning or the end of the HTML script that PayPal gives you to insert into a webpage. I chose the end. …
  • I think you can get whatever you need by following the directions here: https://www.cpqlinux.com/download-extract-update-linux-kernel-source/ So your source would be here: https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v4.x/linux-4.4.155.tar.xz Then follo…
  • I've been peeling off the sticker and dropping some Hoppies gun oil into the little hole. Fans keep on keeping on, albiet a bit noisy when first starting, but then quiet down when up to speed. Ron KA7U
  • WINB DRM this morning on 15750KHz @ 16:40 UTC. (Image) Ron KA7U
    in DRM Heard Comment by KA7U April 2020
  • The power supply needs to provide 5v + at 2.1 amps or the KiwiSDR fails to start after an upgrade. So check that. Sometimes a power supply is adequate but the power cord has small wire and drops the voltage. Ron KA7U
  • Is this material aluminum or another alloy? Looks like you fabricated this design. Maybe you will publish it. Ron KA7U
  • Batteries often use buck converters to hold the voltage at 5v. So a battery pack is not necessarily a better option than other power supply units. Ron KA7U
  • Mark, You did terminate the antenna input with a 50 ohm resistor? Then changing power supplies might show variances of power noise. You can connect direct to the KiwiSDR, computer to KiwiSDR, except when using Windows 10... ( http://kiwisdr.com/quic…
  • Looks interesting. How do you plan to connect the fan? Ron KA7U
  • @jks , I'm no longer managing to produce the error. It must be sort of a game of "whack a mole" for you. Ron KA7U