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  • How to connect via wifi

    The search box in the blue title bar will find lots on the topic. Try wifi kiwisdr in that search.

    This post might be quite useful to you:

    Wifi isn't supported, but with determination, you will likely get it working.

    Good luck.

    Ron - KA7U

  • first fan died... how long do these things last- what other cooling alternatives ?

    Two of my KiwiSDR units lost the fans finally. So I took them out, blew out the bugs, and put them back together without the fans. Set the two units on edge, with one end elevated 1 1/2" by using a book for a shim. Both of them ran fanless through the summer in the garage. High temperature in there was 95 degrees F this summer and the low is 55 in the winter. ( heated garage). Don't know if the on edge and elevating one end was necessary, but blowing out the bugs was seriously needed. LOL

    They continue to run fine.

    Ron - KA7U

  • DRM Heard

    Never know when Radio Purga will come on, or which frequency. It always seems to play the same recorded music.
  • first fan died... how long do these things last- what other cooling alternatives ?

    I've been peeling off the sticker and dropping some Hoppies gun oil into the little hole. Fans keep on keeping on, albiet a bit noisy when first starting, but then quiet down when up to speed.
  • Wellgood balanced loop amplifier, (Wellbrook clone).

    I have the first Wellgood LNA online ; . It is using a 120cm loop made out of 1" (25mm) soft drawn copper pipe. One of the transistors is running hot and might not last so may not be done with it. Hi Hi. Earlier this evening I was copying Jim Creek down around 24.8KHz quite well, but it is not loud now. Could be the solar storm or it could be the hot transistor. I was also hearing Radio Thailand well at the same time @ 17.630MHz so the frequency range seems to be there. I'll evaluate it to the W6LVP and Hiletgo loops after I figure out what is up with the hot transistor or after I get another board finished. Winding and soldering in the transformers is a serious chore. I substituted parts from George Smart's list to fit the parts in stock at and chose to use 2N3866 transistors in the metal can. I'll leave it on the KiwiSDR for a while unless it burns out. 

    This is funny, It occurred to me that this amp with these transistors might not want 9-12vdc to run. So adjusted the voltage for best noise floor with good signal peaks and find that 3vdc is close to optimum. It actually works well at 1.5vdc. How about that? And the transistor seems to be very happy too. I think I'll need to readjust the balancing resistor, although I doubt lowering the voltage will affect that setting.