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Multiple Kiwis, single GPS antenna?

Those that are running multiple Kiwis at a location and that are using a single GPS antenna, what have you found to be a good method of doing this, preferably without being overly expensive?

Is it possible in the Kiwi configuration to disable the Bias-T power on the GPS antenna connection?

If not, I know I'll have to ensure that only one of the Kiwis is providing power up the feeding coax to the GPS antenna.


  • I don't like touching a soldering iron to my kiwi or BB so got some DC blocks from eBay. But, I'll DIY my next ones. A 15 or 18 pF series cap would work. I don't think the kiwi cares about antenna sensing, so that simple cap should suffice.
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    For over a year, at KPH I have fed 7 Kiwis from one GPS antenna on the roof: GPS Puck ====> 30M RG-6u =====> $15 passive splitter =====> 7 Kiwis
    The 8-way I used is no longer offered, but I have installed this 6 way at other sites:
    No mods are required on the Kiwis
    I started with the Kiwi's GPS puck on the roof into this system and that worked fine, but replaced the puck with a 45 dB gain 'bullit' GPS antenna which I bought as a precaution against the losses
    The 100' RG8 measured 8 dB loss at 1500 MHz and the splitter introduces 11 dB, but the rooftop location more than compensates for those losses

  • Is that view through a hatch in the top of the "little blue rack"? Love it.
  • Yes, that is the LBR. You donated one of those 7 Kiwis.
    It is good that I haven't needed to touch it for months, since now I can't get access until the quarantine is lifted.
    The Pi4 running wsdprdaemon is on a lower shelf.
  • Just Sayin'
    £12.05 - limit on shares probably 10+ (I've only used it for 5)

    Don't judge the wallpaper, the room is my SDR/workshop.
  • I probably saw that rack during one of the tours I took during the late '80s. Little did I know, lol.

    The place is magical. Not only for the radio history and legendary noise floor but for the incomparable beauty of those 70k acres and that spectacular coastline. I lived about an hour away for 15 years. I got married out there once. I have over 100 solo hikes done at certain times of the year when the tide was especially low (> -1 foot @ sunrise/sunset). This opens up certain areas of the coastline, for a very short time, that are normally inaccessible. I still have the maps and 5 diaries crammed full of notes about those trips. Good times..
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