Alness no signal

Hi. No reception possible from Alness Sdr. All I get is a hiss. Please can someone sort it? Thank you


  • Can you be more specific? A search on for "alness" turns up nothing.

    Also, you may have to contact the Kiwi owner/admin if there is an email link in the user control panel "stat" tab (assuming they're not reading here). A disconnected antenna is really only an issue they can sort out.

  • The nearest one I can find on the KiWi map is this one, and it is a bit of a mess, but so are a lot of the others, one of mine included :-(

    No admin details but there are some if you use the /status info.



  • Sorry I was nit more specific. It was thus one I was referring to


    May be a broken or disconnected aerial. No reception if Inverness.

    Another Scottish one nit working is ''

    Thus close to Edinburgh

    Thanks for your help

  • Add /status to the end of the URL string


    The fourth line down should give the admin's email address.

    It doen't seem likley that they are on this forum, so try sending them a private message.



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