BeagleBone Green replacement

Good morning....

Can anyone give me support with the BeagleBone Green I'm replacing it with a new one as the original KIWI no longer communicates over the network?



  • What support do you need? normally it is case of using the original install SD card and then just letting it update.

    Just make sure you are careful about lining up the pins and it should be event free.

    Is there a thread on what happened to the last one? I don't think I have managed to kill one yet.

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    I had the BBG that no longer communicated on the net, in short, the KIWI was unreachable.

    I took a new BBG as a replacement and today it arrived and I tried every possible solution also following the instructions on KiwiSDR Operating Information in the following order:

    I inserted the recovery sd and it didn't work.

    when I say that it did not work I mean that the 4 LEDs remained off or rather only the external LED worked and not all 4 one after the other as when reading the SD

    I inserted the sd that I had prepared with the link

    and it did not go.

    then I followed the instructions on the kiwi page and did a series of procedures .... and it didn't work.

    so i tried again with the recovery sd card and it did the job of him .... an hour and a half between sd and update and now it seems to work as before.

    As soon as I updated I made a recovery SD hoping to never have to use it.

    certainly it was a simple procedure for those who usually have to deal with these problems, for me it was Arabic and remains Arabic since I did not understand how it got back to work.

    However, one thing that I would find useful at least for those who have the kiwi in the kiwibox is to be able to backup it as an image file to be saved on the HD of the computer in use and then create the SD with whale Etcher, so as not to have to disassemble the box every time, to have always the latest version with Admin page changes.

    and maybe even a point recovery procedure for those who are not experienced.

  • It can be awkward if the process is unfamiliar but I do find going from the original image and letting it update, although time consuming, avoids a few pitfalls of making an image after install and trying to write to new hardware.

    As there are very few steps it is also easier to assist, without asking a hundred questions.

    I might try a short SD Card socket extension cable to bring the SD card out of the case, I may still need to get to the boot button so only marginal benefit. I have already tried a long cable but not sure if it was faulty as that did not work.

    There will be other ways to backup the image to another medium or OS but that would also open up a very wide range of support issues. I'd like to see a way to upload the configuration to a cloud service but I'd not want that to be a full image. I did work out how to backup the config to a remote WEBDAV but intended to try some RCLONE remote backups but got distracted with life.

  • .... however I have discovered or I think I have discovered the problem .... because today while I was updating the Admin / Dx card and precisely I was adding the bands, I am not sure of the number because I followed a palan band by categories, but I could to venture after the 15th the same and identical problem occurred again ..... he disconnected me from the admin card by closing the connection and from that moment the KIWI became unreachable even if present on the router.

    this time, however, having created the recovery SD card yesterday, the one with version v1.524, now I put it back on the network and is updating, unlike the previous time when the BBG did not read me the original recovery SD card, v. 1.2 if I'm not mistaken. So I can assume that although today it was updated to version 1.525, something in the software, after having created a certain number of band plans, goes into error making the KIWI unreachable, it can be taken into account that my dx label file is 204 Kb , now I don't know if this plus the band plans are too much for the KIWI and therefore it crashes.

    I state I have no experience in programming and in this type of hardware, I'm just making assumptions in the light of what I objectively found.

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    [updated] As mentioned in other posts below you'll probably have to hold down the Beagle user/boot button for the Beagle to properly boot off the sd card.


    At a guess the bands file has incorrect format/characters.

    I'd ssh in to the BeagleBone and look at the logs rather than pressing on wiping the information useful to avoid it in future.

    Using the web interface alone is like using just the dash lights on a car when there are diagnostics available on a port.

  • "At a guess the bands file has incorrect format/characters."

    the bands I added were formatted perfectly like the original kiwi bands example:

    ["23m -" is the priority of that band]

    [Avio] for Aviation

    [Marine] for maritime traffic

    no accented characters such as [èòàì] no characters other than those of the standard keyboard.

  • Use SSH, get to know some kiwi log commands, there will be clues we are not seeing.

    I see the router shows the Kiwi at 1Gbits/s which the green is not capable of at the physical level so small things like that you could be testing and narrowing down what is happening. I'm not saying that is a fault but it would be good to know if that is just a lazy interface on the router.

    I'd want to see the syslog at the time the changes are made.

    Are you typing the bands or copy-paste from another file or editor?

  • ... my router shows all the peripherals connected in LAN with the same wording:

    LAN 2 with 1 Gbit / s -

    LAN 3 with 1 Gbit / s

    .... the bands are typed from the keyboard, no copy paste .... moreover the error occurs when clicking on the symbol (+) and opening a new field as soon as I try to insert a number in the first field on the left, the window admin quits and freezes everything.

    For the rest, read your messages.

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