FYI: Jameco 5V 1AMP supply failed

Just a FYI:  I opted for the lower cost supply to use with my Kiwi and it lasted less than two months, running 24/7.  I found the Kiwi "dead" yesterday, which is disconcerting, so I was pleased to determine it was the power supply.  With no load, it still put out 5.0V, but with a 5 ohm dummy load it dropped to 3V.

I had thought I would eventually switch to a larger supply, now it will be sooner rather than later.  I did find a 5V 1A switcher wall wart in my junk so I am back "on the air" until the larger supply arrives and I get it packaged.


  • Well that's a shame. But I guess for US $11 you can't expect much. I'm sure it's built out of the lowest cost China-sourced components possible. I haven't run mine here for any length of time because it must be used with my 240 -> 120V step-down / isolation transformer which is often needed for other uses (test equipment mostly).

  • Probably not an indicator that all of them would have such an early failure.  Just wanted to mention it for others.  But I always feel better with some headroom on everything.

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    Speaking of which, if anyone knows of a source of other transformer-based, linear regulated 5V/1.5A+ power supplies please let us know. Especially with a 240V input. Other than the Jameco unit, the more expensive "open frame" supply listed on our webpage are the only type we're aware of.

    Remember that the vast majority of any "plug pack" (aka "wall wart") power supplies you see will be those noisy switch-mode supplies we're trying to get away from. More info here:

  • I don't think there are any 240VAC wall wart linear PSUs available anymore. I bought some branded Friwo from Germany some years ago, but they are no longer available, possibly due to EU regulations. And they were only 1A, so would need to run at max load all the time. While it may appear as overkill, the USD 60 (including shipping) Bel Air PSU mentioned in the  KiwiSDR quickstart guide does an excellent job. My 3A power feeds two Perseus SDRs + the Kiwi.
  • I can confirm a second failure, exact same situation, dropped it down to 3.1v with load.

    Blue "power" light blinking, no network lights, etc.

    I've ordered another Jameco for the time being.. we'll see what the results look like from the eBay.Aliexpress audiophile ones
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