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Offset issue [offset field of label edit panel, fixed input parsing bug]

edited November 2017 in Problems Now Fixed
I was playing with offset in the log, and realized I didn't know what I was doing but then something crashed. Refresh of the page failed and I ended up rebooting the kiwi


  • Offset in the log? What do you mean exactly?

  • when you do a shift left click, a window comes up that edits dx.json....    the offset that is in that window
  • Oh, okay. When you said "log" I was thinking of, well, the log..
    I will look at this. Maybe if you type some non-numeric input it crashes.

  • Yeah, if you set the (numeric) field blank it crashes. Fixed in the next release..

  • what is that offset used for?  I was thinking it might be useful for this:

    LW NDB station freq. is given as 214 KHz but to hear it, I use CW so then the dial is not 214
  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    That's precisely what it's used for. Click on an existing NDB entry to see (but I guess I don't ship with any NDB entries defined by default anymore). Anyway, when you set an offset in a label you should see that the label vertical line points at the frequency + offset position, but a small triangle appears at the carrier position. That's so you can tell which carrier belongs to the NDB. The offset field can be set to a positive or negative value in case the NDB modulates on only one sideband (or is stronger on one sideband, or you need to place the label on the opposite sideband because there are too many labels already on the other sideband).

    Another NDB assist: the large (outer) + and - frequency step buttons will increment in alternating 400 and 1000 Hz steps to match the common NDB modulation spacings.

  • what are the legal offset value?   how to get < 1 KHz ?

  • The offset values are in Hz and can be anything you want.

    The F step values (400/1000 Hz) are fixed.

  • jksjks
    edited November 2017
    Correction to the above: the little triangle over the carrier position on appears as you mouse-over each label. The carrier position is what you input as the frequency in the label edit panel and the offset is where, +/- from the carrier the label vertical line will appear.

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