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NTP server

Since the KiwiSDR is getting gps time, is it advisable and/or possible to have it be the timeserver for a network?

Steve KD2OM


  • It's possible I suppose. I've never looked at the reference clock driver API in detail ( You'd need to add a driver to connect the Kiwi to NTP. Good project for someone!

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    which reference does the system (OS) clock use on the BB with the Kiwi?
  • Debian is configured to start NTP. And NTP goes onto the Internet to find time servers. I don't know exactly how that works. I think there is a configuration file somewhere of servers to check. But NTP doesn't always stay running for reasons I don't understand. Of course without an Internet connection none of this works.

    If the Kiwi GPS is working, and it finds the Debian time differs by more than 2 seconds, it will correct the time-of-day (but not date) for the benefit of the WSPR extension.

  • so the kiwi GPS disciplines the Debian clock?
  • jksjks
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    "Disciplines", in the GPSDO sense, no. It just does a rough correction if the time is way off because NTP is not running. The Beagle doesn't really have a functioning RTC capability, so the TOD tends to be way off on boot until NTP gets going (with an Internet connection or other time server on the local network). There is RTC hardware in the Beagle power management chip (PMIC) but I don't think there is a proper support for it (yet) from the Beagle mods to Debian. Maybe someone knows the full story.

  • Thanks JKS and ZKD, I will give it a try.

    Steve KD2OM
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