Audio underruns? [fixed with reboot]

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This problem has started very recently with no change to my network, using an internal LAN connection to my Kiwisdr. Any ideas appreciated.



  • I ran three simultaneous connections for about 10 minutes. There were a few drops in the beginning but otherwise no problems. I saw it had been rebooted recently so I wonder if that cleared some problem.

    If the drops continue for your local connections press the SND button so it is white and then reconnect (you have to reconnect for the new setting to take effect). See if that makes a difference.

  • Gidday John

    Yeah, not sure what went on there. You are correct I did a reboot and although it initially was running 95% system cpu it came back to around 45% while you were testing. Previously I had done a kiwisdr server restart to no avail but the full reboot certainly sorted it out.

    Many thanks
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