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Whenever I click on an SSB signal in USB or LSB mode, it goes to an offset somewhere in the middle of the SSB passband, rather than the standard method of SSB tuning: the dial frequency or suppressed carrier frequency. 
Since the passband width and offset frequency can be varied quite a lot, this presents a very inaccurate, unnatural, and unpredictable method of tuning an USB or LSB station. 
The keyboard-entered frequency is correctly tuned to the suppressed carrier.

Is there a way to get the mouse click or touched frequency to be correct in SSB mode (either USB or LSB) ?

Also, this same offset adversely affects the click-and-hold position on the frequency slide, causing it to jump.

I've searched for the answer to this problem. 
Perhaps I'm just not familiar enough yet with the settings and user commands. 
Is there some alt/click or control/+/- click method that I should be using instead?


  • This has been an open issue for almost a year now:

    Basically it is waiting for a "user preferences" capability to be introduced so the tuning method can be varied to individual taste. I'm not going to change the default behavior until then. Otherwise I'll get pummeled with people who don't like the change..

  • I'm glad it's not that I've set something up wrong :)

    So, I'll probably have to just wait for some future version that has user preferences.  
  • For SSB/CW what it does now is place the exact center of the passband at the frequency you click. If you're zoomed in then you just judge where on the waterfall the middle of the speech spectrum is and click. And then fine-tune from there. This was judged to be slightly better than the alternative, which is used by AM/NBFM: the carrier (also passband center for those modes) is placed at the click point. If this convention were used for SSB you'd have to guess at the suppressed-carrier point and click there. There is nothing on the waterfall to directly show you this. For CW this would be useless.

    Now most hams and commercial users tend to use a rational (rounded off) frequency values. So if you hold down the shift key when clicking the nearest value will be used. The value is band dependent. It's 1 kHz for the ham bands, 9/10 kHz for MWBC, 5 kHz for SWBC etc.

    When user preferences exists I also want to make all the keyboard and mouse button hotkeys configurable per-user. So if you really want the mouse left/right buttons to step the frequency up and down you could setup that configuration.

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