How do we upgrade BBBW from V1.2 ?

I have a BBBW with V1.2 which works quite well but the Debian does not contain connman or wpasupplicant ( that I can find ) so I can not turn on the wireless.
Is there a newer version that does?
I loaded a Debian version without Kiwisdr to check that the wireless is ok but of course the configuration is lost when Kiwisdr is reloaded.


  • jksjks
    edited August 2017
    We'll have to do some experimenting to find the easiest way to accomplish this.

    If you look on it seems a stock Debian 8.7 image works with BBB and BBBW. This sort of implies you should be able to upgrade the Debian 8.5 image installed with v1.2 and hopefully get the necessary BBBW support. There are some kiwi-supplied aliases to assist with this task:
    "pkup" to update the package files
    Then do a "pkug" to upgrade to the latest BB Debian release (8.9 I think).

    In general I discourage people from doing this as anything beyond Debian 8.5 on the supported kiwi releases has not been tested and I don't have time to go validating every single Debian release. It doesn't really get you anything anyway. Obviously an exception in this case.

    But the problem with this of course is that you need an Internet connection to do an update/upgrade. You can get a network connection over USB (this may be how you're connecting to the Beagle now if not using a serial port). But then the issue is getting the device on the other end of the USB-net (laptop, PC) to route between its upstream Internet connection and the USB-net. I didn't this once a long time ago with my Mac. It took a little while to figure out.

    After all that then v1.2 should auto upgrade to the latest kiwi release on the next restart.

    If this works then I will spend some time changing the kiwi code to more fully support the BBBW. There are still several places where only the eth0 interface is supported and it needs to be generalized to all possible wireless interfaces (e.g. ath0, wifi0, wlan0)

  • I have the BBBW connected to a raspberry USB port so they are both running Debian Jesse.

    The BBBW USB( connects to the Raspberry USB ( correctly.

    I have tried to connect the USB0 ( to the raspberry wireless and also to the raspberry wired LAN port but no success yet.
  • jksjks
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    On the Rpi seems to require some iptables magic and enabling kernel ipv4 routing.
    And a DNS server configured manually on the Beagle.

  • Did you ever have any luck getting this to work?
    If so, was there any self-interference from the BBBW on-board WiFi?

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