KiwiSDR and nginx reverse proxy [ is now available]

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I wanna asked about possibility to use KiwiSDR even if we don't have white IP address.

Let's assume that we have following shem:

KiwiSDR --- Router (greyip) --- VPS (white IP) --- End User

What if we can create VPN between KiwiSDR and VPS and then install NGINX as reverse proxy at VPS?
Do you think that this scheme will work? 



  • jksjks
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    This idea has been worked on for a while now. There should be an announcement about KiwiSDR providing a reverse proxy service soon.
    Example of a Kiwi behind a working proxy developed by Kiwi owner Michael in Shenzhen:

    Nginx alone is not sufficient because it doesn't do NAT traversal. You need to combine it with ssh tunneling. But that has performance penalties. If you know of another way to use nginx that provides NAT traversal I'd like to know (see thread here:

    Michael's working example above uses another package called "frp" (fast reverse proxy, that does do NAT traversal because it has a client component that establishes a control connection. But it is relatively new code and isn't proven in a production environment like Nginx (see

    So your idea is absolutely correct and very timely. A scheme like this will be an important tool to help those who are not able to make their Kiwis publicly available because of ISP (or other) restrictions.

    Edit: there is also ngrok, but they charge money for commercial licensing to run an instance of their code on a VPS. We need to minimize the cost of any proxy service from KiwiSDR to just the VPS cost.

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