Will not check for update? [fixed in v1.110]

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My Kiwi's been sitting active, but without internet since a while after v. 1.106. The issue was resolved on Friday, and I expected the Kiwi to auto update (all settings correct). It still hadn't done so by now (Sunday afternoon Z) so selected the "Check for software update" button. This returned the current version status plus "Available version: Unknown until checked". I restarted the server, but received the same message.

No users were online.

So... what's next? :-)

Bjarne Mjelde


  • Hmm. Has to be a network problem. Any interesting error messages in the log?

    What happens when you try these commands, either when logged into the Beagle via ssh or using the console tab of the admin page?

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jks-prv/Beagle_SDR_GPS/master/Makefile -O Makefile.1

    If that works then try rebuilding manually. Use the commands:



  • Ah yes....forgot about the log.

    It seems to believe that it's running the latest version:

    Sun Jul 30 14:51:48 2017 0:12:53 0...      UPDATE: force update check by admin
    Sun Jul 30 14:51:48 2017 0:12:53 0...      UPDATE: checking for updates
    Sun Jul 30 14:51:52 2017 0:12:57 0...      UPDATE: running most current version
    Sun Jul 30 14:51:52 2017 0:12:57 0...      task update_task:P2:T24 exited by returning
    Same result when previously check after startup.
  • That funny "unknown until checked" message can be a side-effect of the wget not working. I need to print more detailed messages about network problems. When you run the wget manually what happens?

  • jksjks
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    I forgot: There's already a command in the Makefile so you don't have to type all that. Do:
    m update_check

  • The Kiwi is currently unavailable (I am , rather was, running via Teamviewer).  I did run wget and got some response which for obvious reasons I can't rephrase. After cdp and up, after which nothing happened for several minutes, I restarted the server. After which contact was lost. So I need to get to it physically.
  • Okay. The first thing "up" does is pull the latest sources over with git (from github.com) So if it isn't doing that then there is a network problem, possible a DNS problem.

  • Well whatever happens I need to be there to cut and reinstall power. The PC connected to the same modem as the Kiwi is available, so I don't know what the error is.
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