Sorry for the dumb question :-/

When I search for KIWI+WIFI, I can only find posts using one of these WIFI bridges connected to the Ethernet port of the Beagle.

Is there a chance to add one of these USB WIFI dongles directly to the Beagle?

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  • Short answer: Currently the code only fully supports the eth0 (Ethernet) interface. So that's why people have been using WiFi-to-Ethernet bridges.

    Longer answer: There are three places where the network interface name (i.e. "eth0") is used:

    1) In determining the local ip address of the Kiwi. Important for determining admin "local mode" accesses.
    2) In determining the local interface MAC address. Important for the kiwisdr.com/public database.
    3) When setting the interface static ip on the network tab of the admin page.

    The first one actually checks for WiFi dongles having the interface name "wlan0" (it seems not all of them do for some reason). But the other two do not, although the second one would not be difficult to do. I think this means using a dongle might work, partially at least. And I think someone has tried it although I can't remember the details.

    I've personally always had trouble getting WiFi dongles to work on the Beagle. Although I haven't tried lately so maybe this situation has improved. But when I did try I immediately noticed noise problems on the Kiwi when the dongle was connected. Particularly above 20 MHz. So I pretty much stopped right there. Still to be tried is running the Kiwi board on a BeagleBone Black Wireless and seeing what the noise situation is like.

  • @JKS

    Thanks for this detailled answer - so for the first I will also go for the wired ethernet and watch the forum.


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