GPS acquisition problem after last update?

Hi, I've noticed today that I have been getting very few GPS fixes. I may be incorrect, but since the last update, it seems much worse than usual. I have an external antenna, and I used to get 3 to 6 all of the time, After the last SW update last night I noticed this morning it had none, it never acquired a fix as far as I could see. I rebooted and now I have a fix, although not convinced it's working as before. Will check the feeder cable this evening, is it just me?

Dave M0TAZ

934 fixes in 3h18m ?


  • jksjks
    edited July 2017
    Seems okay here. After a restart I have 350 fixes in 30 mins, a TTFF (time-to-first-fix) of 50 seconds and 6-7 sats tracking, which is actually better than average for my setup.

    I'm working on a scheme so the update saves the last few binary versions of the server. So you can quickly do some A/B comparisons to help decide issues like this.

  • OK thanks,

    My TTFF was 6.05 (six minutes and 5 seconds) indicative of something going on. OK will see how it goes, be interested to see if anyone else needed a restart after the last update and what their TTFF was like?

    TU Dave M0TAZ
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