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Suggestion - make waterfall more smoothly

I'm not sure. Maybe this is only my perception. But it seems to me that KiwiSDR waterfall has different speed and some jerking.  

I've made a video where comparing waterfall of and KiwiSDR's. And I think websdr has more smoothly view.

Is it possible to have more smoothly waterfall? 


  • The waterfall used to scroll more smoothly. But then people were complaining about the lack of synchronization between the waterfall and audio streams. A fix was added for that problem but the result is that the waterfall is sometimes jerky as it attempts to stay synchronized in the face of changing conditions (network latency etc.) A better scheme might be possible.

    The waterfall slows down as more user connections are made because it is the lowest priority task. The waterfall does not have the realtime requirements of the audio or GPS processing.

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