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Suggestion - ability to recording sound [fixed in v1.197]

edited July 2018 in Problems Now Fixed
It would be cool if we could record sound directly from browser. 

I like this feature in Is it possible? 


  • jksjks
    edited July 2017
    This feature is on the wish list.
    It is possible.

  • Thank you! 
  • I use TotalRecorder to record the audio. You can save directly to mp3 and other formats. The speakers can be muted while recording. You can schedule recording times. Tell it to skip empty audio, and so on.

    I have no affiliation with TotalRecorder, I am just a happy user since version 1 in 1998.

  • This feature was added in v1.197 (the green play button on the bottom right)

    Could probably mark "Record audio, and audio IQ samples, to a file" as done on now too
  • Recording works fine, and the detailed file name scheme is very good. Only I'd assume a "record" button (red dot) would be more intuitive than a "play" button.
  • John set it to that to make it consistent with the fax UI. Originally it was a circle turning red.
  • I think you guys are right about this. A "record" button should probably be a red circle and then change to a spinning icon (also red) while recording. I was misremembering what the fax UI has. It has a green "play" button that changes to a red "stop" icon (box in circle) but the spinner is shown separately. There is not room for a separate spinner during audio recording. They should both be changed to use a single icon that spins during recording. What do you think?
  • red triangle (pointing to right) at rest, spinning square when recording
  • v1.198 out now with a new icon scheme. Comments welcome. I ran out of time to apply it to the fax extension.
  • New icon scheme is approved :-)
  • Thanks. Believe it or not (and with HTML/CSS you should always believe it) I spent a couple of hours getting those stupid overlapping icons to work. And the alignment is still not quite right if you look closely enough.
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