Numeric dB indication

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Hi folks,

This feature is on the wish list, but I add my voice to those "wishing"!

It would be invaluable for using kiwiSDR to perform local antenna testing. Tweak... instant feedback on antenna effectiveness!

73s, Rob


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    I use the S-meter extension for that purpose
  • Yes, but it is calibrated in 10dB steps.
    Having to read it like an analog oscilloscope is a bit painful, but I admit it's better than just the standard 'S' meter.
  • They both need a numeric readout. Added to wish list..

  • Thankyou sir!
  • I'm also currently using my SDR to try and measure gain differences between various antennas.

    It would be very handy to have a rolling average, max and min values displayed numerically, either on or near the graph. 

    Some marker lines on the graph would be nice too :-)


    Martin - G8JNJ

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