Professional Use

Some professionals might think less of "ham gear" while hams might think the pro's only use the high dollar stuff. I have a foot in each camp, and use the best tool for the job. I recently was doing some antenna comparison testing for my work and supplemented the data with dBm data i got from my own kiwi spectrum display and others online. That allowed me to do my A/B comparisons at different distances and thus consider the effects of takeoff-angle and antenna pattern. Great to have such a distributed asset online! I used a MiFi connection and my Nexus 9 to get to the various sites. Here's a pix of setting up the units under test .



  • We also have some remote Perseus in place but those are limited in how they can be accessed due to their use of of a UDP stream. The kiwiUDP solves that problem.
  • Not my intention to "promote" competing hardware in this forum, but did you consider the RFSpace CloudIQ (as an alternative to Perseus)?

    Bjarne Mjelde
  • No, done buying for now! Have a network of 15+ Perseus in place in addition to the public ones, but access to them is too difficult at times

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