Contact links freezes external connection

Box on lower left: If I click on any of the Contact links (owner/admin, KiwiSDR, OpenWebRx) I get an "audio underrun" error message and the KiwiSDR stops. Admittedly I tested this only on my own KiwiSDR from a remote network. The Chat link seems to work. Using Chrome v. 58.

Bjarne Mjelde


  • jksjks
    edited May 2017
    Yes, this is a javascript/browser bug. If you Google around it has been known for many years and it appears there is no decent fix that works well with all browsers. It's been a while since I've checked the current status. Maybe there is something new about this.
  • Thanks John. That raises another question: Should the links be there? If I use Edge, the link opens Chrome, but an empty page. Don't know how Firefox, Safari, Opera behave though.
  • Clicking a Kiwi email link in Edge opens a blank page in Chrome? Lol, Microsoft.. Or do you have gmail in Chrome set as your email app?
    Firefox, Safari and Opera correctly open the mail app (Mail app on my Mac anyway). Safari on the Kiwi page even keeps running.

  • I have Gmail in Chrome yes.
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