possible new feature : empty channel noise OFF = squelch

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HI, don't know you but I am SWL_ing over long QRL afternoons with the KIWI and many times the tuned channel gets empty.
That noise makes me sleep  :\">   ..... but also in between CW long pauses the noise disturbs.
Please do not say : MUTE the browser audio ... now I make already so.
A simple software routine could reduce the empty channel noise to a barely audible noise like when listening to a CW station
and between the characters the noise level is almost zero.
Somewhere it is called :SQUELCH...my old FT1000 has it.



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    Could the Squelch muting also be used to temporarily stop the audio stream in order to conserve network bandwidth ?

    Rather than a simple level based squelch could some form of 'intelligent' speech detection algorithm be incorporated ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
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