Tell us about your station!

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I'll go first...

Location: my residence in a suburb of Rochester New York
Antenna: Pixel Loop at 6M  ASL attached to rear of my garage, positioned to be away from overhead wires
Interference Sources: 14 TV/FM stations 1/2 mile away and have found they can overload active whips and some receivers. Loop not affected. 3 MW BC within 3 mile which do cause overload
Interference Mitigation:  Homebrew notch filters on for the MW stations
Other RFI Measures: Ferrite core as appropriate, Linear PS, and Faraday cage over unit

Network: 100M Fiber connection with static IP

Other: related webpage at with receiver at

Something about me: Engineer at Harris Corp., 60 years experience with HF  radio as a hobbyist (WA2ZKD ham) and professional

System Performance as noted by me: 60+ LW stations and  130+ MW stations logged. Numerous SWBC and Ham stations above 1.6 MHz. Many wspr logs including 10000+ km grayline


  • I was hoping others of you might add info on your own stations into this thread!
  • OK guess that's me next then.

    Location residential, suburb of London UK
    Antenna - Wellbrook Loop @6m
    Overload from MW stations around 25 miles away, mitigated by rotating the active loop.
    Linear power supply picked up from a rally
    Ferrite cores placed on anything I can find
    50 Meg fiber connection.
    Need to place KiwiSDR in a metal box

    Issues to resolve, noise floor raised around 3.5 MHz
    Intermittent SMPS noise (not in my property)
    Intermittent noise (local railway)

    Performance seems  quite good but local noise is limiting factor on some freq. 

    Works quite well on 472KHz WSPR

  • Regarding putting it is a box....

    On day 1, I placed mine on a plate that was well grounded. I explored the spectrum and didn't note any noise without an antenna attached. Regardless, I added the perf-metal Faraday shield show here:

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