help finding bug: name/callsign field

I need some help finding a possible bug.
Seems to me the majority of connections to a Kiwi now appear without the name from the "Your name or callsign" field at the upper left appearing on the status panel at the lower right.

Now instead of seeing the usual
RX0: "ZL/KF6VO" (Tauranga, New Zealand) ...
you'll just get:
RX0: (Tauranga, New Zealand) ...

But I can't duplicate the problem here. With the name field set will you try connecting to and let me know what you see? Also let me know if the location field, the one inside (), incorrectly says "unknown location".

Thank you.


  • Looks like everything is well at my spot, tested from two different locations.

  • With callsign set in upper right, I see the callsign in the lower left.
    Changes done in the callsign field also appear correctly.

    As for the location, with Firefox I have "unknown location" and with Chrome I have "Luxembourg".
    The reason, at least for my setup is that I have an addon in Firefox called uBlock Origin.
    When switching uBlock off, the location appears correctly.

    LX1DQ, Frank
  • jksjks
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    Thanks everyone.
    Maybe this is just a new influx of casual listeners not setting the name/callsign field. But I really had the impression something had gone wrong.

    The "unknown location" issue is a real problem I think. Didn't know about uBlock Origin. I wonder how they do that? Would have to be a lightweight VPN/proxy of some sort I guess. Anyone know?

  • When I occasionally connect to other Kiwis, I usually forget to enter my call in the name/callsign field.  Is there a way to have it "sticky" for all connections so any connection I make will automatically have the field initialized to my callsign?  I guess there is not a way to do this but thought it was worth asking.  It appears to be sticky for my connections to my own Kiwi, surviving through computer reboots.  But for other connections, it seems to only be sticky for successive connections, but perhaps disappears after reboots or just closing and reopening Chrome, I am not certain of the sequences that allow it to stick and not stick.
  • jksjks
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    Yes, it will be one of the "user preferences": set once and it will apply to all Kiwis visited.
    I'll have more to say about this soon.

    For now the name/call, like several other items, is remembered in cookies for each particular Kiwi site you visit (and of course private to each browser on each device you use). But not shared across all sites visited. And because it is stored in a cookie it will be sensitive to whatever cookie policies you have set on an individual browser.

  • I wonder how they do that? Would have to be a lightweight VPN/proxy of some sort I guess. Anyone know?

    Ublock Origin is open source:

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