Turn waterfall off? [feature added]

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Why is it not a way to turn off the waterfall?

And have this area for SPECTRUM?

Stig, LB5VA


  • I have pondered whether turning it off could reduce the BW need by slow clients
  • Turning the waterfall off, and changing the speed, have been on the bug list for a while now.
    I've been working on higher priority items..

  • I'd like to join the request for the ability to either turn off the waterfall, or slow it down.  I have my RX running on our local mesh net, which is BW limited.

    Thanks for all the hard work.  This RX has been a great tool.
  • Fully agree however I have been investigating on the slow bandwith and kiwiSDR performance for a while.
    I am able to monitor the required uplink speed of the KiwiSDR. It is in the range of 100-450kbit/sec depending on 1 or all 4 users are connected.
    I am having a very week uplink speed, imagine a rural location with a weak wifi link max is 700kbit/sec in my case.
    So how to deal the situation.
    1) do what i can do on my own:
    setting up QoS functionality for the kiwiSDR in a way it will have about 0.5Mbit/sec uplink bandwidth for Kiwi on my LAN. See attached file of my Mikrotik router.
    2) asking the developer to help a little bit. The easiest way would be like all online radios do, doing buffering. If we have 1-2 second more delay it will not be a big deal, unless you want to use your SDR for Contesting. 
    3) asking the developer once again, Go barebone as much as possible, for example as in the topic we should be able to turn off or simplify the waterfall function.

    Thats all and the KiwiSDR will be much more suitable for low bandwidth uplink situations.

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