Only Allowing Certain Users?

One of the options I have re. my KiwiSDR on a capped mobile internet connection is to allow only users who's agreed to share the costs. A password protection would of course work. But then maybe somebody wanted to "share" the password. Another option would be to only allow incoming traffic from certain PCs, i.e. internet addresses. Not being a network geek myself I need to ask: Will a "standard" router be able to do that? And: Will my friend Bob in Farawayland's PC always use the same internet address when trying to connect? (basically, is. the dhcp vs static IP address  problem in internal networks also a problem for external connections?)



  • Bjane,
    One solution is to use a VPN. OpenVPN would be my choice and I would install it on a router using DD-WRT firmware that hosts the openVPN server. You would then generate sufficient keys for the users you wish to access the network and keep track of who has the keys. Should you decide that a user is not paying their fair share or otherwise abusing the agreement, you could revoke the key they have been issued.

    Security to other devices and services located inside your LAN will need to be addressed, unless you trust all the people that gain access via the VPN. Internal LAN IP access can be limited with internal Firewall rules, or by using Virtual LAN within your internal network.
    Ron - KA7U
  • Thanks Ron. As far as I can see, my TPLink TL-MR6400 is not among the supported devices for DD-WRT.

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