A month of using the KiwiSDR - Remarks

My Kiwi is almost 24/7 on air (except when I use receiving amateur antennas to transmit). A very good SDR, with excellent receiving abilities, but I am forced to use high pass 1.8 filter, to eliminate the cross modulation from the very strong MW stations (about -20db), although Perseus SDR which I also use, can manage these +60db signals without any problem, maybe because of the very sofisticated front-end it uses.
It would be nice if there were more than 4 slots, because they are very often occupied all of them, and the time-out does not function as expected, because even a slight activity from a listener (e.g. moving sliders), annulate the time counter.
Please, think if it is possible to add a software noise blanker or any noise limiter. i think it would be very useful. Some other software decoders like FSK, RTTY, CW, SSTV etc, would also be a brilliant idea, because now a listeners must use virtual audio cable and thirdy part softwares to decode them.


  • I have a Perseus too, keep in mind it has preselectors as it is single user. I use notch filters on the strong MW stations and keep most of that band usable.
  • Yes, I do know this. But it has also some rather good software noise blanker and noise reduction options, which are useful too.
  • I am sure at some point John will add such tricks!  I wish I was a better coder as opensource means anyone could do these kind of things.
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