Single URL/bookmark can now open multiple windows/tabs

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The v1.70 release allows a single URL (e.g. click on a bookmark) to open connections to multiple Kiwi sessions in multiple windows or tabs (depending on how your browser is configured).
This is a good way, with a single click, to start a bunch of WSPR decoders running on different bands.

For example:
starts three WSPR decoders on 40, 30 and 20 meters in three separate windows/tabs (assuming there are 3 available channels on the Kiwi of course).

The "&winN&" notation means "every parameter after winN gets passed to the Nth window". So each of the multiple "ext=" parameters is seen by the appropriate window. The portion of the "ext" parameter after the comma is passed as an argument to the extension. For the WSPR extension the argument is which band to begin decoding. Valid values are: lf, mf, 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m

You could also use this feature to monitor multiple frequencies using the "f=[freq][mode][zoom]" parameter:

Note: you may have to make an entry in your browsers "popup blocker" list for each URL host to get the windows to open. This is especially true for Chrome. There is also usually a browser option selecting if a new page opens as a separate window or new tab in the current window.


  • I have tried it with the EDGE and it works. Thank you
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    OK Niice 
    On Firefox work and Chrome too
    list memory  will be good
  • Hi John,

    It works well :-)

    Would it be possible to include a command to mute the audio when a WSPR session is opened ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • That's a very good idea. Let me add that to the next release. It's easy to implement.

  • In v1.83 you can now say, e.g. kiwisdr.local:8073/?ext=wspr,40m&mute&win2&ext=wspr,30m&mute

  • Great - thanks for adding this John.


  • Hi John,

    I can only run three wspr sessions using this syntax using Safari on my Mac.
    When I wait for the admin screen to tell me that all four 4 rx channels are idle, then enter   http://kiwisdr.local:8073/?ext=wspr,40m&win2&ext=wspr,30m&win3&ext=wspr,20m&win4&ext=wspr,80m
    I get three working WSPR session tabs, but the fourth tab says the server is too busy.

    Also, is there a way to slow or suppress the waterfall display, or to minimize the three/four tabbed sessions?  The waterfall causes lockup of Teamview and Screen Sharing sessions to the Mac running WSPR in this way.


  • I get three working WSPR session tabs, but the fourth tab says the server is too busy.
    I checked this again on Safari, FF and Chrome here and it worked. You're sure there were no connections shown on the admin page before you opened? What was shown in the fourth slot afterwards? Does this occur on a public Kiwi I can try? There has been a similar complaint on Github issues about not being able to use the 4th channel. But I have not been able to reproduce that either.

    Also, is there a way to slow or suppress the waterfall display, or to minimize the three/four tabbed sessions?
    Not currently. It's on the bug list. Hard to believe this causes a problem with a professional app like TeamViewer. It's just 4 windows with updating content!

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    I don't know if this is related to Rob's problem, but I logged into one PC via Teamviewer, which in turn started four sessions of the Kiwi. No problems.

    I use Teamviewer all the time to control five PCs with Perseus SDRs at two different locations, and have never had any problems (except occasionally a bit of audio latency). I often have three or four PCs  connected simultanously.

    Bjarne Mjelde
  • Where can we find the updated list of possible URL parameters ?


    J-Luc F1JEK


    And a bunch of debugging ones. See the source code if it matters to you.

  • :-) Cool.
  • After closing all sessions and waiting 5 minutes, I was able to run four WSPR sessions from Safari on my local Mac.
    However, the sessions died last night after running about 12 hours.
    I have restarted them and will report back on the results.

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    My four WSPR sessions died after about 12 hours.  I ran them on the latest Safari on the Mac OSX and found Safari locked up and chewing up 50% of my CPU cycles.  I don't want to disable popups on Chrome, my primary browser, so I'll try using Firefox to see if this lockup is browser related.

    Whatever the outcome, it would be great if the Kiwi could run WSPR sessions on its own when there is no active user. 
    Ideally that feature would allow me to specify a list of up to four WSPR bands in priority order and when a channel became idle the Kiwi would pick the highest priority WSPR band which is not active.
  • You don't have to disable popups globally on Chrome. There is a per-site exception list just FireFox has.
     What you describe for WSPR "background" mode operation is what I had in mind. Need to clone myself to find time to work on it however. I'm already at 12/7..

  • I wish I had time to work on your wspr code, but i've got to run my current startup ;=)
  • Using Firefox, my Kiwi has been running 4 WSPR sessions for almost 24 hours.  So I infer my previous lockup was due to defects in the Safari browser used in that test.
  • There can be lots of reasons for lockup. Just yesterday while debugging the FAX code the waterfall stopped working. You'd get a few lines drawn and then it stopped. I was pulling my hair out trying to find what bug I had introduced into the code. Until I remembered that Firefox had been running for quite some time. I quit and restarted. Problem gone! What a waste of time..

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