mu output bug?

I started looking at post processing the output mu produces and noticed a difference when a user logs in or not in the way the closing quote is placed on the username.  Bug or intentional?


  • Not a bug, but definitely confusing. The user name is quoted in case it contains embedded spaces. When the user has left the user name field blank the ip address is used instead and then the ip address is not printed alongside the user name. So for example you will see these two cases:

    Mar  5 08:47:40 0:06:27       40.00 kHz cwn z0  "ZL/KF6VO" ::ffff: Tauranga, New Zealand (LEAVING after 0:06:21)

    Mar  6 09:26:02 0:44:49    14076.82 kHz usb z6  "::ffff:" Tauranga, New Zealand (LEAVING after 0:05:37)

  • Thanks, makes parsing it by field a bit more work!
  • Yeah. The log was designed to be easy to read, not easy to parse.

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