webpage on BB?

John, is there enough CPU and memory to run lightpd and be able to put up a simple webpage on port 80?


  • Yes. kiwisdr.com is run using lighttpd on a dedicated Beagle. If your Kiwi isn't slammed with multiple connections all the time, and your web server isn't terribly busy, then yeah, you could probably run a web server in parallel with the Kiwi server. If you have any problems just get another Beagle. Certainly cheap enough.
  • my question my actually on behalf of G8JNJ..    a Linux newbie
  • there is no lightpd running, so one would have to install it and let it run on Port 80?  Again trying to help JNJ
  • Yes, if I remember right Apache is installed by default. But I always found it too complicated to setup. So I just installed lighttpd instead. Something like "apt-get -y install lighttpd". And then some messing around with /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

  • I'll write up a cookbook for JNJ
  • Martin and I have tried a few things. Even lighttpd minimal slows the kiwi portion.   So as you suggested, run a second BB (or RPi etc.)

    But.....   could you possibly add a page into the whole existing scheme called station.html where people could put their info?

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