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I juste whant to ask someone if if possible to get the 10khz to 30mhz from kiwisdr in to gnuradio for post traitement?


  • jksjks
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    Sorry, I missed this post because it wasn't in the KiwiSDR discussion category (the only one I monitor).

    No, the Kiwi does not output a wide-band data stream on the Beagle Ethernet or USB. Most other SDRs output a wide-band "IF" signal (hundreds of kHz to several MHz or more) to USB 2.0 and narrow-band demodulation is done in software on a host computer. But the Kiwi architecture is designed to be different (standalone, multi-user, Internet connected, etc.) and does demodulation internally, so no host computer is required (on the SDR side at least).

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