HI what are they for ?


  • Hi Phil,

    They are parameters associated with the Automatic Gain Control. The idea of AGC is to try and maintain a reasonably constant listening level regardless of changes in propagation or local noise. The characteristics can be changed to suit personal  preferences and the type of signal you are monitoring.

    Here's a link that covers AGC in detail (more than you are ever likely to need).


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • GE Martin thank you for the AGC pdf, it is always interesting to re-learn almost forgotten characteristics plus the digital part.
    In an ANALOG radio the AGC is that never-used switch, or by me just in few cases put on FAST , never on OFF
    and always on SLOW because it sounds much more confortable.
    In a digital radio all functions are done in software and that is much uncomprensible to me.
    (plus some grammar mistakes in english...)
    Phil IC8POF

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