Messaging users via "Your name or callsign box"

edited February 2017 in KiwiSDR Discussion

I just had an interesting experience.

I noticed that another station was listening to an am station on 6290KHz which I clicked on and which turned out to be a Dutch music pirate.

Whilst listening I got a name check on air. It turned out that the pirate was using my SDR to monitor his signals and had spotted me as another listener on the SDR.

I changed my details in the Your name or callsign box to ask them to ID on air and they did ! I also asked them what TX power they were using and they replied on air 4w.

Whilst doing this another user changed their details to say how much they enjoyed using the SDR .

So maybe the Your name or callsign box could be retitled to something like id & short message to other users  ?


Martin - G8JNJ
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