Simple "manual" CAT

HI, in the mean time that a good_fellow_programmer (I am just a push_button_depresser) will make a working CAT I have an idea that could be easy to add.
Description: I copy the FREQUENCY field from a CAT program and paste it into the KIWI FREQ input field.
This way should be very simple in its use of keeping synced the two rigs..
I have just tried to copy from DXLABCommander my actual freq and pasted into the input filed of the KIWI.
But it does not work because the copied text is in form of 10.100 Mhz and the KIWI input field accepts the megahertz the text without the fullstop ie 10100.
Who likes that idea hands up please.....


  • Phil,
    This type of operation was talked over a bit a while back.

    It seems that a serial port is difficult to control from a web browser, and I'm not sure what it would take to write to a file on the client computer. I think it has security concerns. So to this point, only manual entry from the KiwiSDR client to the 3rd party application seems to be the option. I'm with you on the desire to have automated frequency and mode synchronization between the KiwiSDR instance and other 3rd party applications.
    Ron - KA7U
  • HI Ron, beside all the difficulties in the programming field my MANUAL_CAT idea should be a simple trick
    in awaiting for a full_CAT.
    COPY manually from 3rd party program and PASTE into FREQ_Field of KIWI.
    ...simple no?!...
    I have either MicroHam interface and DXLab_Commander programs running.
    Both have the FREQ field in the vise of xx.yyy,zzz(mhz-khz-hz)  and the KIWI accepts XXYYY in Khz.
    In the ol' days of BASIC language I would have solved with one or more : IF field_freq xx.yyy (string$ of 6 chars) OR xxyyy THEN field_freq_sdr = field_freq
    or something else and so on, but today I have no idea how do that.
    Will write to Dave, AA6YQ DXLab developer and see what he says.
     Phil IC8POF
  • jksjks
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    The problem is another program running on your PC cannot send input to a field showing on a web page that is currently being viewed by your browser. There is no support for this in any browser I know of. It would be a huge security risk. You can do this manually of course, by cutting and pasting with mouse and keyboard. But that is not the same thing as doing it under the control of another program.

    What is needed is a new protocol between the Kiwi server software and 3rd party programs that allows them to send control information on behalf of an existing, active browser connection to the Kiwi server (like sending new frequency information like you've described). But this is not a simple change. That's why it is on the bug / wish list and will have to wait its turn to be implemented.

  • HI John , I understand all.
    Hence my idea of  a "manual_CAT" copy&paste manually in the meantime a full_CAT program sees the light.
    The problem is that your field freq input takes xxyyy and the others are xx.yyy.
    If I paste xx.yyy ie 10.100Mhz into the kiwi freq_field it assumes 10.1 Khz

    There would be ONLY the need to convert the string xx.yyy into xxyyy
    .... just an idea.... between thousands
    Phil IC8POF

  • SOLVED ....
    I was trying in the wrong direction : from the CAT software toward the KIWI.
    The working path is: get FREQ(copy) from the Logger program and paste into the KIWI input field.
    That is all.
    With ONLY 6 mouse clicks I have the KIWI sync_ed to my radio.
    Now do we wait for a fully working CAT.

    Phil IC8POF

    ps: not only for HAM ...

  • ... works also from KIWI (copy) and pasting into my logger input field....

  • Hi Phil,
    Could you describe how to make this?
    I am very interesting in using KiwiSdr with logger N1MM. Is it possible?
    73 Mariusz
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    Hi All,

    I think you may be able to achieve this by using something like Auto-it (free).

    I have used it in the past when running WSPR to change bands in different sequences depending upon the time of day or night. The most recent versions of WSPR have this feature built in so my Auto-it scripts are no longer required. But it did work very well when it was required.

    You may be able to generate a background script that would automatically cut and paste from one application to another every second or so. 

    Alternatively it may be possible to capture CAT commands directly, if you used some sort of serial port monitor application and then manipulated the captured command strings to load up the KiWi frequency entry box.


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • Hi Martin, 
    First of all I should read and learn about Auto-it, probably it is good idea to make a simple CAT between KiwiSdr and logging programm.
    It will be pretty to see some example.
    Mariusz SQ5M

  • Is anybody has ability to write short script in Auto-it to control loggin program N1MM from KiwiSdr?
    Such setup can help to add multiplayers into bandmap.
    sq5m, Mariusz

  • I am new here, so don't know the history.

    Is it possible to get OmniRig to talk to the OpenWebRX?

    Would anyone be interested in having DX Monitor type in the frequency to the web browser? Tuning to a cluster spot would mean right-clicking on it and selecting "Send to Kiwi" which would type the frequency wherever the cursor is in the browser - presumably the frequency box.

    Just let me know...
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