"Signal" on 40M

I have recently been finding a signal, close to 3 KHz wide, seen in the attached image.  It seems to have some "ON/OFF" characteristics that vary a good bit in the intervals.  I finally realized I could check other Kiwi to see if it is heard elsewhere and indeed found it on two others.  One in CA was very weak, one in TX was quite strong, but not as strong as here in NM.

It is just a curiosity but since it is currently sitting right around 7.030 MHz I do wonder about it.  It had been running tonight for at least an hour, but seems to have gone QRT now.  This was from around 6 PM to 7 PM local time this evening.  It sounds like a "buzz" to my ears.

Any ideas on what this might be?



  • I think it is a Pactor 3 signal.
    Ron - KA7U
  • Thanks Ron, yes it sounds much like the 14 or more tone formats heard at the link you provided.  I know the name "Pactor" but that is all, being 100% CW.  Interesting that someone is parking in the "CW" portion with such a wide signal.  The WSPR around 7040 is not nearly as "offensive" :)  

    Chuck, W5UXH

  • Chuck,
    Winlink2000 uses Pactor on HF. Stations that forward message traffic via the Internet are called RMS Gateways (radio message service gateways). These gateways are published here:

    Look toward the top of the table and select Pactor to produce the list of HF Frequencies. Clicking on the Frequency header will sort in frequency order. It looks like 3 stations are listening on 7030.5 KHz (center frequency). They are in New Zealand and Australia. The gateway stations operate automatically without operator monitoring. The client stations are responsible for listening for prior frequency use before transmitting, but of course they may or may not hear stations that will be interfered with by the gateway station. 

    Our CW frequencies are no longer protected and the digital modes typically operated by LIDs according to CW operator standards. Progress, I suppose.
    Ron - KA7U
  • Thanks for the additional information, very interesting.  

    Chuck, W5UXH
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