Flashing lines in waterfall on Chrome

I've been getting flashing one-pixel thick horizontal white lines on the waterfall display.  They flash on and off randomly but each line moves downwards with the waterfall motion.  Anyone else seen this?  It doesn't show up in a screen capture - could be a driver/adapter issue.  Doesn't happen in Firefox.


64-bit Windows 10 Home version 1067
Dell Inspiron 7700 laptop


  • This used to happen on Safari with older versions of iOS. The method OpenWebRX uses to create the scrolling waterfall is a bit unusual, but doesn't really violate anything about the HTML DOM spec that I know of. I think this is just an underlying side-effect of the HTML rendering engine. Are you running the latest Chrome version? (probably since auto-update is undoubtedly enabled).

    You probably don't see this in WebSDR because P.T. uses a different method to scroll (WebSDR scrolls in the other direction, i.e. shifts upward).

  • I do have the latest Chrome.
  • This problem seems to be resolved now - I expect it's due to a fix in Chrome.
  • Good to know. Thanks.

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